Saveur Days began with the idea of recreating recipes from Saveur, a culinary magazine featuring recipes and fabulous food styling. Until someone from MIT or NASA figures out how to manufacture and market Star Trek’s replicator, I would have to cook myself.

The blog’s concept has evolved, however. Moving from Toronto to Boston the year Barack Obama became president, earning my graduate degree, meeting and marrying my husband, having two kids, watching 45 enter the White House, moving to New York, all have ushered me from salad days and girlhood to Saveur Days and adulthood, which includes motherhood, citizenship, marital partnership, and becoming a Korean immigrant woman writer.

So welcome to my Saveur Days. I hope you’ll find something of interest that you can relate to, commiserate with, and eat up vicariously.

* * *

HAIREE LEE is a creative writing MFA graduate of Emerson College. She writes short stories when not writing her blog. You can find some of her fiction under the name Hairee Lee in Chamber Four, Existere, Fractured West, Every Writers’ Resource, Newport Review, and Medulla Review.

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