2013: What I Will & Won’t Miss

What I Won’t Miss

Losing my hair in clumps postpartum
Breast engorgement and plugged ducts
Waking up two to four times a night
Bouncing Baby to sleep
Breast feeding
Fugly ass hair cut from Supercuts that took a year to grow out
Final episode of Dexter
Not being able to go for a run until Baby could handle it
Couple’s therapy
Nursing bras
Leggings and baggy button-up shirts ALL THE TIME
Being stone sober ALL THE TIME
How I felt after hearing about the Newtown massacre
SC only having one weekend off a month
Low postpartum sex drive
Falling off the wagon and smoking and quitting. Repeat five times.
Reading, like, six or seven books ALL YEAR. Pathetic.
Putting away Baby’s toys every night from the living room, which I no longer have to do because SC put together an AMAZING play space in his room. I’ll blog about this in a later post.
Not sleeping

What I Will Miss

Breaking Bad
Gone Girl
Being able to take the baby anywhere, anytime because I wasn’t a slaved to a nap schedule
Breast feeding. Sort of.
Baby lying still when having his diaper changed (instead of writhing and screaming like I’m branding him with a hot diaper shaped poker)
Baby poop before he started eating solids
Isis New Moms’ group
Cambridge New Parents’ group
Nora Ephron
My first Mother’s Day
How I felt hearing about the repeal of DOMA
Baby’s first: tooth, giggle, roll over, sit up, stand, step, pincer grasp with a Cheerio, wheelie, haircut, shower, shopping cart ride, lemon, bounce on the jumper, kiss, hug, hand sign, balloon, bark, swim lesson, chocolate, favorite book, finger painting, rodeo, Baptism outfit, wedding, train ride, run in the Bob, birthday.

* * *

Looking at the lists, I wish my second one was longer. Won’t be missed on my “What I Will Miss 2014.”

This list was inspired by Nora Ephron’s I Remember Nothing And Other Reflections

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