Cooking With Haijin: Super Duper Chicken

While I was home, my sister, Haijin, cooked her Super Duper Chicken. She’s a terrific cook and you can judge from BIL’s (brother-in-law) reaction if her chicken truly is super duper. The recipe and photos follow the videos.

* * *

So let’s get this dinner started, beginning with a peek into a BIL quirk. He’s a compulsive consumer of chicken broth, chick peas, and corn in the can.

Now on to the side dishes. Haijin chooses quinoa and broccoli tenders. She thinks cooked quinoa looks like an ingrown hair and broccoli tenders looks like trees. While those cook, she provids a little intermission entertainment.

Back to regular programming. Haijin plates her Super Duper Chicken and sees what BIL thinks of Super Duper Chicken.

And that’s it! Or in the words of Haijin, ddeng ddeng!

Haijin’s Super Duper Chicken
Serves 4 because BIL counts as 2, sometimes 3 diners

1 cup chicken stock
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 heaping tbsp chili garlic sauce
3 heaping tbsp of brown sugar
10-12 pcs of skinless boneless chicken thighs

Combine all the ingredients except the chicken in a wide cast iron pot. Simmer for 5 minutes to reduce to 2/3. Add the chicken thighs and simmer for about 15 minutes, turning once about 2/3 way through cooking time.

While the chicken is cooking prepare a carb, like quinoa or rice, and a side vegetable of your choice like roasted broccoli tenders.

Served the chicken by placing it on a bed of quinoa with the vegetable on the side. Watch as your BIL shows you how orgasmically super duper is the Super Duper Chicken.

Big thanks to the cook, Haijin Lee, and the enthusiastic taste tester, Lindsay Wilson.

Check out more Saveur Days videos on YouTube.

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