I’m A Thirsty Girl @ Boston Wine Expo 2012

My Squeezable Companion gave me tickets to the Boston Wine Expo for Christmas. It was the perfect gift: I love wine, I love good food, I love wine events because they have wine and good food.

In spite of my (alarmed) doubts of becoming inebriated on the little sips they pour for tastings, and making absolutely no use of the spit buckets, Squeezable Companion and I were fairly tipsy by the sixty minute mark.

By the time we made it to the wine tasting seminar led by Leslie Sbrocco of Thirsty Girl advertised to teach you how to taste wine like a professional, we were stuffing the flutes of our complementary Champagne into the free Wholefoods shopping bag we’d gotten downstairs in the main expo hall holding vine-ripened tomatoes. Very random on both counts.

The main floor of the expo was fairly packed with people my aged, which is always so comforting. Men and women were well dressed, and unlike beer festivals, like say, Harpoon’s Octoberfest, they handed out glassware, because that’s what adults use to drink liquids. Not plastic or disposable pint sized cups.

There was fois gras, which Squeezable Companion tried for the first time. (“What’s fois gras?” “Duck liver. It’s super fattening and really delicious.” “Oh my God. That’s amazing.”) There was cheese, cheese bread sticks, pâté, pasta, and chocolate.

But the real highlight of our wining afternoon was the seminar on tasting wine like a pro hosted by Leslie Sbrocco. Ms. Sbrooco’s job is to taste nearly 4000 wines a year, critique them, and conduct tasting seminars like the one I attended. She’s also got public speaking pedigree with an Emmy Award for hosting a PBS show and it shows in her presentation. She was bubbly but in a good way the way I love (and she loves) Prosecco–within the bubbly and cute line. It also help to complement all those bubbles when you can talk knowledgeably. And plus we could all see that she was having a great time and so I couldn’t help but have a good time with her.

Rather than going on about it, let me show you what the seminar was like. It’s a good thing too that I video taped the event because all I was left with was a general sense of a marvelous time and only a few details.

I’m looking forward with anticipation to next year’s Boston Wine Expo.

And in the spirit of wine and dragons and the Chinese New Year, cheers!

For more photos, go to Flickr.

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