Brunchin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Last Sunday, I had a few of my close friends over for a holiday meal, specifically brunch. I got to try a SAVEUR recipe for a breakfast item and a chance to break bread with my family here in Boston before I headed home to Toronto for the holidays.

As per usual, Laura outdid herself and certainly outdid me in the baking department to my gastronomic pleasure with her pumpkin loaf and a poppy seed pastry of entirely her own creation. They were both delicious, but the poppy seed pastry (and, no, that is not Pillsbury crescent roll dough, but made from scratch and of an entirely different consistency found in short pastry than a yeasted pastry (croissants, danishes.)

I don’t like my sweets too sweet. Well, not anymore. Tastes change as you enter your Saveur Days. In my Salad Days, oy vey, did I ever love my sweets saw-weeet! Ask my dentist, Walter. Walter is my dentist back in Toronto. He’s this not too tall, bespectacled, sort of goofy man who reads Thomas Mann and has a biography of Andy Warhol in his waiting room. He’s also has a great sense of humor and a gentle demeanor that is totally charming. But I digress.

Yes, so, Sunday brunch. It was lovely. There was mimosas and pomosas, Laura ‘s pastries and my savory Breakfast Casserole and my annual baked french toast (coming soon on Saveur Days when I make it on Christamas morning.)

Enjoy some of the photos of us brunchin’ around the Christmas tree and Happy Holidays!

For more photos, go to Flickr.

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