WTF: A Few Words on the Latest Dexter Episode, “Talk To The Hand”

If you’re not fans already, then you should stop reading now. Or whatever.

I’m going to jump right in. What was with the crazy in the lastest episode of Dexter (season 6, episode 11)?

Let me count the crazies:

  1. The therapist suggesting, insisting to the point of manipulation, that Deb has romantic interest in Dexter, her adoptive brother. Isn’t she breaking some sort of professional code of conduct here, abusing Deb’s trust and her position of authority?
  2. Deb dreaming about kissing Dexter. Correction, Dexter kissing Deb. Are we supposed to believe this is some reverie of wish fulfillment after 5 seasons of a developing and making entirely believable their sibling relationship?
  3. The daytime news footage showing the whole bloody crime scene complete with severed hand coming out of the angel statue’s chest. Not likely.
  4. Angel and Deb nearly dying–the former from a bullet and then a fire; latter from wormwood gas–but saved within the first 30 minutes of the episode.
  5. Louis, who ominously thanks Dexter for his harsh critique of Louis’ video game where you can become a serial killer, saying to Dexter, and not too ambiguously, that he’s ready to take matters into his own hands. Ohhhh, another serial killer in Miami Dade PD.
  6. Dexter getting stupidly sloppy and the symptoms from the Wormwood gas exposure conveniently appearing right when he can least afford it, convenient to the point of exhasperation.
  7. Speaking of sloppy, Travis ain’t no Molly Maid serial killer himself. After creating a sea of fire tableau to kill Dexter in Travis’s dramatic fashion, he doesn’t stick around to make sure Dexter is really dead. And he isn’t, but he is stuck in the middle of the ocean. And we’re supposed to believe that he’ll survive the night out in the ocean without suffering hypothermia or a shark attack or he’ll swim all the way to shore or get rescued in the middle of the night in the dark. None of these sound plausible to me. You?


I’m trying to keep faith with the writers because they’ve earned it through five gloriously well written seasons. But this is…. Well it’s like they slapped me and then held out the offending hand to say, “Talk to the hand.” I might have to take the hint and get lost.

I had to include Travis’ mural of Dexter with a heads scarf. He sort of looks like a ferengi-human hybrid. I wonder if Travis is a Trekki.

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