Boston “Foodie” Social

It sounds enticing doesn’t it? “Foodie” sound just pretentious enough to sell it for me and the “Social” part makes me think of cocktail parties, coffee served in cups with saucers, linen, sports coats and Cole Haan loafers.

As a side note, I have a bit of an allergy to the term “foodie”. It’s a prostituted term. Everyone and their mother call themselves a foodie these days because they have olive tapenade in their fridge, tried the kimchi, and liked it, think fondu is so 80’s, and visited India for a week.

I love food, too. But foodie implies someone who’s up to date on all the food trends. I just don’t think olive tapenade is trendy or that kimchi is new. The term makes me uncomfortable the way “feminist” makes me uncomfortable: I’m attempting to redefine it for my purposes the way I and many contemporary woman have done the same with “feminist”.

Boston Foodie Social was held in South Boston hosted by Boston After Six. These guys claim to offer the “best deals to Boston’s most adventurous evening and late night events. Boston After Six hosts a variety of lifestyle and professional events, including food, fashion, beauty and wellness.”

For $20, the event promised, in my mind, a delectable array of mouth water morsels of deliciousness by future chefs of Boston, not unlike the experience at Boston Magazine Taste.

What they delivered were tiny bites of an energy bar (which was actually one of the best things there; BudiBar, owned and operated by Michael McCarthy, is now available at Wholefoods by Fresh Pond), ketchup thimbles of a bottled beverage, a 19 fruit (19? Overkill much?) juice they called “gourmet energy drink” packaged in a standard screw top wine bottle, candied nuts, instant cappuccino, and palm sized slices of Uno’s pan pizza: cheese and pepperoni.

The pièce de résistance was the 12 year old girl who wrote a cookbook for her batmitzvah project. All proceeds, her mother informed us in that self-important, self-congratulatory voice of pageant moms, from the sale of the anorexic eight by eight soft cover book goes to supporting future chefs. Were we supposed to be persuaded by the one by one by one cubes of brownies and the shards of I-can-make-that-with-nine-fingers-and-an-eye-patch chocolate nut bark? That’s okay.

12 year old cookbook author being interviewed

On stage early in the event was the 12 year old as pictured above. The interviewer asked, “So did you have to make all those recipes and then photograph it? How did you do that?” The almost 13 year old said yes and a senior at a local high school took the pictures. (I imagined cheesy, awkward teenaged flirting involving baked goods and a spatula.)

“That is such an interesting story!” said the interviewer.

Laura keeping a straight face.

I wish she knew that all the enthusiasm in the world could not save this lame pageant.

The question is how do these people at Boston After Six get away with charging twenty buck for an event this shabby? Their website seems adequately managed, but I would think after a few of these events word would get around, resulting in their slow, anonymous death. They recently had a networking event called, “Pasta and Punch.” Good God. I can just imagine the over cooked spaghetti slathered in Prego and served with a side of iceberg lettuce salad and Kraft Italian dressing on paper plates. And to wash it all down, Hawaiian punch with a few sad disks of orange floating in the plastic bowl. It’s like a bad AA holiday party.

On the bright side, I was having a great time with Laura. And she won something in their raffle. Some sort of coupon for a coupon website. [Insert cricket sounds here.]

On an even brighter side, we left a little early and went Christmas shopping at the Body Shop in Downtown Crossing. The customer service girl there was a pro: congenial, knowledgeable, helpful. And up-sold Laura twice without ever seeming unctuous.

I’m thinking of going back for the almond hand cream and olive bath gel. They had more appetizing stuff than the Boston Foodie Social.

For more photos, go to Flickr. Images taken with Laura’s brand new iPhone 4S.

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