Laura’s Annual Gingerbread House Party, 2011

You know it’s that time of year when you find yourself at Laura’s Annual Gingerbread House Party. And then suddenly it is that time of year and, OMG, you are at Laura’s Annual Gingerbread House Party!

Party People: John, Paul, Jeff, Suzanne, me, Russell, and, of course, Laura.

This year Laura added the option of either gingerbread house or sugar cookie house. Brown or white. Hmm. I won’t go there. If you think that was tough, try deciding between the cured meat/cheese platter, made-from-scratch guac with chips, spicy buffalo chicken dip, egg nog cheesecake bars, chewy ginger cookies with rum glaze, mint green mint hershey kiss meringues, fresh fruit, crudite, spicy pecans, melting snowman cocktail, wine, scallion pancakes (by me), pastry baked brie with homemade cranberry sauce.

The spread part 1. Part 2 image unavailable.

It was hard to know where to start. House, food, house, food. Food.

Fastfoward to post decorating and stuffing our faces. Jeff said he was surprised my house was so tame this year. Gasp! “G rated,” was what he said. Gasp, again! How tedious to be G rated.

So I made up decidedly non-G-rated story. Follow the pictures with accompanying narration.

The story begins from a bird’s eye view of the setting. Scenic, calm, colorful. Saccharine.

Like the house with it’s duo ridge decoration and a split personality roof–one side made of mint pinwheels, the other with Jolly Ranchers–the owner of the house was also two dimensional. Literally.

In a house not too far from my bedroom lived the owner, a ginger headed mother, who liked to wear age inappropriate outfits like the one pictured here: a red coconut-cupped, flattering empire waist dress. She lived with her baby. It had enormous blue eyes that were not endearing and was born out of wedlock. They lived happily.

Who wouldn’t be happy in a house with the wreath decorated candy cane flying buttress and candy wafer pine trees?

Here’s another shot of the candy wafer trees. The baby liked to nibble on the wafer branches like a cat with catnip. The sugar put the baby into a tizzy and so the mother tried to keep him from it whenever she could be bothered.

And if the pine trees weren’t enough the baby mama planted a pinwheel candy cacti garden yesterday and they continue to flourish.

Not only did she have a green thumb, she also had a sense of humor. She dug and installed an aqueduct leading up to her front door and filled it with fish and one red herring.

But as with all stories worth telling, not all was what it seemed. As foreshadowed by the schizophrenic roof and hinted by the coconut bustier, there was mischief a-lurking. His name was Marty and he had just escaped from the local minimum security prison. He planned to enter the house uninvited and lie in wait for the hot baby mama.

The tale continues….Come back next year to Laura’s Annual Gingerbread House Party. This year’s installment brought to you by:

For more pictures, go to Flickr.

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